The objective was to develop a brand identity for Anertep, focusing on their mission to drive healthcare transformation.

Petrena Saunders
Strategy & Design
Brand Idenity

Project overview

Anertep is a startup fueled by a passionate vision – to disrupt the industry through innovation, collaboration, and compassionate care. Recognizing the transformative power of design, Anertep embarked on a deliberate journey to forge a brand identity that mirrors its forward-thinking spirit and unwavering commitment to healthcare revolution.

Every element of Anertep's brand identity was meticulously crafted to embody its startup DNA and ambitious goals. The concept of constant movement drives the design, reflecting the company's relentless pursuit of progress and disruption. The chosen typography, both beautiful and readily accessible, speaks to Anertep's dedication to inclusivity and user-centered solutions.

The vibrant color palette, a blend of energetic coral, calming blues, and grounding neutrals, captures the essence of Anertep's startup energy. It embodies both the boldness of their vision and the trust they aim to build within the healthcare ecosystem.

Finally, the brand icon, inspired by a double-story lowercase "a", perfectly encapsulates Anertep's startup spirit. The sharp edges symbolize their willingness to challenge the status quo, while the loop hints at the seamless collaboration and forward-thinking they bring to healthcare transformation.

Anertep's brand identity is a powerful declaration of its intent to rewrite the rules of healthcare through innovation, collaboration, and purpose. This carefully crafted visual narrative positions them as a force to be reckoned with in the industry, setting them apart from established players and captivating the hearts and minds of potential partners and investors.


More Details

Industry Statistics: Startup Design in Healthcare

With its bold design strategy, Anertep taps into several key trends influencing the healthcare startup landscape:

  • The rise of design-driven healthcare startups: Increasingly, startups are leveraging design thinking and purposeful branding to differentiate themselves and gain traction in the competitive healthcare market.
  • The focus on patient-centricity and user experience: Anertep's human-centered design approach aligns with the growing emphasis on creating solutions that address the needs and preferences of patients and caregivers.
  • The power of visual storytelling for startups: A strong brand identity, like Anertep's, helps startups build credibility, attract talent, and secure funding, propelling them towards success.

By embracing these trends and utilizing a purpose-driven design approach, Anertep positions itself to disrupt the healthcare industry and make a lasting impact on the lives of patients and providers alike.


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