Pathways Family & Community Services, under the leadership of Dr. Colette Brooks, stands as a beacon of hope and support.

Dr. Colette Brooks
Website & Marketing

Project overview

Pathways Family & Community Services, under the leadership of Dr. Colette Brooks, stands as a beacon of hope and support in the mental health sector. Recognizing the critical role of an online presence in extending their reach and impact, Pathways FCS embarked on a journey to revolutionize their digital platform.

Objective: To develop an enhanced, user-friendly website that reflects the company's commitment to mental health support, streamlines appointment scheduling, and modernizes the digital experience.

The Challenge

  • Outdated Website: The existing website was not user-friendly and needed updating to meet current digital standards.
  • Functionality Limitations: The necessity for a platform that allows clients to easily schedule appointments with their preferred provider.

The Solution

  • Website Redesign and Development: A complete overhaul of the website was conducted to ensure a user-friendly, modern, and responsive design.
  • Appointment Scheduling Feature: Integration of a simplified system for scheduling appointments with preferred providers.
  • Social Media Integration: Set up and managed Pathways FCS's Facebook and Instagram pages to improve brand awareness and trust.


More Details


  • Modern, Responsive Website: A completely redesigned website, optimized for a variety of devices, embodying current web standards.
  • Custom CMS: A tailored content management system for Pathways FCS, facilitating easy updates and content management.
  • Enhanced User Interface: A user-friendly interface to improve site navigation and user interaction.

The Result

  • Revitalized Web Presence: The new website effectively showcases Pathways FCS's services, improving client engagement.
  • Improved User Experience: Enhanced accessibility and usability, especially on mobile devices, due to the responsive design.
  • Efficient Client Interaction: Simplified appointment scheduling process, boosting client engagement and service efficiency.

Client Feedback and Impact

  • Positive Client Response: Dr. Colette Brooks and the Pathways FCS team expressed satisfaction with the website's functionality and improved user engagement.
  • Ongoing Support: Continual support from Novulty to ensure smooth operation and up-to-date content.


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