The Play Parlor

The Play Parlor's story beautifully illustrates how design, technology, and targeted social media strategy can work.

Tiffany Welch
Website redesign
New website and CRM
The Play Parlor

Project overview

The Play Parlor, a haven for imaginative minds and party enthusiasts, sought a digital revamp to capture its vibrant spirit and translate it into seamless customer experiences. Our mission? To redesign their website as a playground of functionality, optimize conversions, and inject engaging social media magic.


  • One-Page Maze: The existing website, a lone page lacking direction, failed to guide visitors through The Play Parlor's diverse offerings. This navigation hurdle impeded exploration and ultimately conversion.
  • Functionally Foiled: Limited features meant booking themed rooms, party packages, or the entire parlor remained a mystery. The absence of a blog and event calendar further choked communication and customer engagement.


  • Playful Reimagining: We crafted a user-friendly, multi-page website that showcased The Play Parlor's unique offerings, from themed rooms fit for private and intimate gatherings to event space rentals for those needing more space. Each page became a portal to immersive experiences, enticing visitors to dive deeper.
  • Tech to the Rescue: To streamline booking and optimize operations, we integrated Novulty EngageHub, a platform that automated guest communication, reservation management, and marketing campaigns. This allowed Tiffany Welch, the owner, to focus on her passion – creating unforgettable play experiences.
  • Social Spotlight: Recognizing the power of storytelling in the digital age, we took over The Play Parlor's social media management. Through captivating content and strategic engagement, we amplified brand visibility and sparked community buzz.


  • A Wonderland Unfolds: The new website boasts intuitive navigation, captivating visuals, and clear calls to action. Booking themed rooms, packages, or the entire parlor is now a breeze, with event updates readily accessible through a dedicated calendar and blog.
  • Social Symphony: Engaging content tailored to The Play Parlor's audience ignited conversations and brand recognition across social platforms. Increased online interactions led to a blossoming community of play enthusiasts eager to support The Play Parlor

Outcome and Impact:

"It's like stepping into a whole new Play Parlor!" – this is just one of the many expressions of delight Tiffany Welch received from customers using the revamped website. The intuitive design and streamlined booking process have resulted in:

  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction: Visitors can now navigate seamlessly, discover hidden gems, and book adventures with ease, translating into positive feedback and loyal patronage.
  • Conversion Triumph: Clear calls to action and optimized booking functionalities have translated into a significant increase in reservations and party packages.
  • Social Buzz Amplified: The engaging social media presence has attracted new audiences, fostering a vibrant online community eager to experience The Play Parlor's magic.

The Play Parlor

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Industry Insights:

The Play Parlor's success aligns with several key trends in the entertainment and digital marketing spheres:

  • Rise of Experiential Design: Customers crave not just services but immersive experiences. Our strategic website design transformed The Play Parlor's online presence into a playful journey, sparking excitement and driving conversions.
  • Integration is Key: Implementing platforms like Novulty EngageHub streamlines operations, freeing up valuable time for business owners to focus on their core strengths.
  • Social Media Storytelling Matters: Engaging content tailored to target audiences fosters brand loyalty and attracts new customers, playing a crucial role in the entertainment industry's digital success.

The Play Parlor's story beautifully illustrates how design, technology, and targeted social media strategy can unlock new possibilities. By combining intuitive functionalities with captivating storytelling, we've helped transform this haven of play into a digital playground where imaginations truly take flight.

The Play ParlorThe Play ParlorThe Play Parlor

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